Saturday, October 30, 2010


Some Random Observations

A political party chastising another for “being partisan” is like red accusing blue of being a different color.

Saying that the U.S. should be more like Sweden or Denmark is like saying England and France should be more like Lichtenstein or Monaco. They are all completely different countries in a host of ways.

Freedom has its drawbacks. The worst being that people are free to allow themselves to be enslaved (and usually bring others along with them in the process).

Insight and honesty does not necessarily correlate with intelligence. In fact, all too often, the intellectuals have exhibited a remarkable lack of common sense, insight, or honesty. In the realm of ideas simple is often better.

A truly honest politician would disavow the need for their to be politicians.

Few communists (and even many socialists) go into a "revolution" with the specific intent of erecting a police state, but it's always the inevitable result. Most "revolutionary" wannabes probably aren't evil killers but it could virtually be guaranteed that if they were told that they now had unlimited power to "fix" things, the blood would start flowing.

NGOs are non-governmental organizations that promote the growth and authority of government organizations.

A government that doesn't fear its own citizens doesn't deserve to exist.

Regarding attempts to “facilitate” voting (i.e. “postcard registration”):
An individual who is informed and conscientious will typically vote. The type of people who choose not to vote are the types of people who shouldn't be voting anyway (unless the end goals of your society are decay before the passions of a mob or some hollow catch phrase like, “yes we can.”

America's greatest sins are:
Acting in its own self-interest, and success. The first, hardly unique in the world of nations, the second, hardly sinful.

The weak-willed mud of post modern neo-marxist sophistry has so permeated media and education that a renewed confrontation between America and Hitler himself would find much of the world cheering for swastika flags. Feigned intellectual sophistication has never been so misguided, careless or corrupt.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Evil, Greedy, Selfish, and Cruel Capitalism

Thank god for common sense. Milton Friedman sets Phil Donahue strait. (Hat tip to my friend Steve).

Saturday, October 09, 2010


Form Your Own Conclusions

This guy is currently on trial in the Netherlands...for having a viewpoint and expressing it (no, he's not attending an American college).

He hates Islam and the Koran and he tells people why he feels that way.

...Should that be against the law?

Saturday, October 02, 2010


Jacobin Consistency

The Marxist/Leninist left (and affiliated rabble) lost their footing in 1989-90 when the Soviet Union collapsed and international authoritarian socialism lost it's prime poster boy for "world revolution."

It's no secret amongst us folks on the right that many, if not most, of these clowns wandered aimlessly for a brief period before finding a home in the environmental movement. This is of course not to say that the cause of preserving a clean environment is not a good thing. I also, wouldn't begin to claim that anyone who believes in the benefits of recycling or reducing carbon emissions is a communist agitator. But(!), any self-respecting believer in limited government would be deluded to not notice the fervent familiarity of spirit amongst many "environmentalists." The leadership is clogged with old-school Marxist and garden variety "anarchists" (more old-school Marxists).

The overarching plan and purpose among many "environmental" groups today seems to have more to do with leveling capitalism, weakening (or disposing of) the United States, and imposing strict international authority over the lives and actions of the world's free citizens. Even the most passionate green-comm knows that "redistributing" (distributing) the world's wealth and forcing people into a lifestyle of subsistence or decline will barley make a half a degree difference in global temperatures -- over decades. They know this, but it's not about temperatures or "the environment," it's about the usual rage and rebellion amongst "angry white males [and females]" who just can't stomach the idea of other people leading other lives.

The video link in this post's title is a graphic example of the spirit of the left. It's philosophy is always red and the fact blood is the same color is probably not a coincidence.

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